9 Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Home Interior Colours

Choosing interior paint colours can get overwhelming and exhausting irrespective of you painting your house for the first time or repainting old walls. The colours you choose will set the mood of your space and will express your tastes and choices even before you get to make a first impression on your guests. 

To choose the perfect home interior colour that best reflects your personality, you need to understand a few do’s and don’ts that will help you create a space that you are obsessed with. 

  • Do take inspiration from the outdoors 

Look at the landscape around your house and take inspiration from it. If you want to create a seamless flow between the outdoor and indoor space, then it is crucial to match the theme of your house to its location. For example, A nautical theme would look out of place for a cabin in the mountains whereas rustic colours like browns, terracotta and reds would make sense and match the wilderness theme.

  • Don’t skip on deciding a theme 

Before you start with the painting, you must decide on a décor theme or style that you want for your house. Choosing a style at the beginning of your project will help you narrow down the colour options and the mood you are going for. 

  • Do know your colours 

Observe the colours in your closet and the already existing décor elements in your house. Understand the colours that you gravitate towards, the ones that make you feel happy and then incorporate those home interior colours into your space.

  • Don’t neglect the external factors 

Keep in mind the size of the room, ceiling height, natural light in the room and the functionality of the space before you decide on the colours of the walls.

  • Do observe the existing décor elements 

Your furniture pieces are here to stay, so it makes sense to choose a wall colour that compliments them. Observe your artwork, rugs, linens and light fixtures and then pick colour shades from them and use them throughout the house. 

  • Don’t make it matchy-matchy 

Your décor elements must compliment your walls however don’t overdo it and make everything appear too matchy-matchy. You don’t need to perfect a certain theme. Consider bending the rules and including your own twist to it.

  • Do aim for cohesiveness 

Before you jump into the painting project, you must pause and reflect on a colour palette you want to use for your entire house. A pro tip would be to not use too many hues and stick with a maximum of 3 colours for a space as you want to make it look easy on the eyes and uncluttered.

  • Do add textures 

A sure shot way to spice up a space is to use different textures and finishes on the walls. Textures on the walls add character and dimensions to a room and making it appear less flat and more aesthetically appealing. 

  • Don’t miss out on the swatches 

A beginners’ mistake that you should avoid committing is to directly start painting the walls once you have finalised your colours. Most colour shades look different on paper and walls. Hence, you must take out time to test the colours on the walls and see if you like the intensity of the hues and it matches the décor pieces of your house. 

Remember to take your sweet time while choosing your home interior colours as they are going to be the backdrop against which your entire house will be set. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore colour combinations that intrigue you and speak to your soul.

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