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Personal life

Andy Dinh was born on April 12, 1992, and grew up in California, as a descendant of Vietnamese immigrants.

His childhood that he spent at San Hose, California with his brother and Dinh, who was also a former professional player of League of Legends. Currently he also works in the position of professional coach.

Andy Dinh Finisher Westmont High School at Campbell, California. At present, he is in a relationship with Leena Xu. He is in the position of General Manager of Team Solomid.


He is a member of a beta -closed player since 2018, playing League of Legends. The team partners are Dan, Man Dinh, Dinh, his brother. Brothers quickly became very popular and successful in the game world, and they immediately created the League of Legends team in a closed beta named All or Nothing, in September 2009.

In the same year he founded the Solomid website, a special website for game League of Legends. After two years Andy was dissolved from all or not at all because he fought with his brother. He later became a member and captain of his team team Solomid.

In the same year, in 2011, Team Solomid was third in the first season championship in League of Legends. They also appeared in Major League Gaming Pro Circuit-Raleigh and Intel Extreme Masters Season VI. His team won the Providence tournament in Major League Gaming. They did not appear on the Kiev event and the Inteme Extreme Masters Hanover event. After losing this team, Christian, the rains of Kahmann left the team, and where he came Marcus Dyrus Hill.

Team Solomid won many North American and Regional events of North America, and after the 2013 game season, Andy Dinh retired as a League of Legends player, but he remained in the game world.

Awards & Achievements

The Andy Dinh team mostly completed the tournament in the top 3, his team was very successful. He won the main and third league game tournament at the Pro Gaming League Circuit. Team Solomid is second in the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI-Global Challenge Cologne.

Andy Dinh’s Clean Wealth

Net Andy Dinh’s wealth is estimated at around $ 1.5 million. All his income came from the game world, as a league league league legends. As a team member, he collected a prize of $ 554150. In Los Angeles, in season 2, the Solomid World Championship team received $ 75,000.

Andy Dinh is the most famous and popular League of Legends player of all time in the world. He was in the top 19 players in the world who entered three world championships.

Currently he is a professional coach, and owner, and maker of NA LCS North American League of Legends Championship Series TSM Solomid.

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