How to Unblock a Sewage Drain

Sewage is not something to play around with when it concerns your plumbing. At Gary Renouf Plumbing, we always emphasiseemphasise the importance of having clear sewer drains. If you have a sewage drain block, here is some information that will help

Signs Of A Sewage Drain Block

Let’s be sure we’re talking about a blocked sewer before we get into how to unclog a sewage drain using some solutions you may attempt on your own.

Is more than one plumbing fixture clogged?

  • Multiple Blockages– It’s one thing to have a single clog, but when several of your plumbing systems are clogged, you know you have a sewer drain blockage. The toilet is likely damaged, but some low-lying fixtures, such as showers and bathtubs, may also be so.
  • Strange Sounds- If you hear a constant gurgling sound, it’s a good indication that wastewater is backing up, water levels are rising, or there’s a problem with the drain when you use appliances like a washing machine.

Sydney Drain Blocked? Here Is The Unblock Process

Caution: The following instructions on unclogging a sewage drain may result in a mess. Skip to the last paragraph and give your reliable Sydney drain blocked expert a call if you have no idea what you’re doing when dealing with a clogged sewer.

  1. Locate the drain pipe

You’ll need to locate the outside outlet and remove the corresponding cap or cover to access the main sewer line. When you crack anything open, the filth may quickly drain out.

  1. Use an Auger

 There are several varieties of augers, but they all share the common feature of utilising a cable to reach areas of the drain where human hands cannot. When it comes to larger systems like your sewage, drain augers are the equivalent of drain snakes.

  1. Complete the drain cleaning process

If you’re successful, you’ll see the water level drop and, ideally, the blockage will be entirely freed. However, you may want to keep using the auger for a time to clear out any small obstructions that may cause problems later on. When you’re done, make sure the drain cap is correctly replaced.

Hire Professionals For Sydney Drain Blocked Issues

Don’t delay calling local plumbers at any hour of the day or night if you’re unsure what to do about a clogged sewer drain or if the situation has escalated to an emergency.

That’s because removing toilet paper from a clogged drain isn’t always the solution. It might be a clog, but it could also be a broken pipe, a collapse, an invasion of tree roots, or some other problem with the plumbing that is difficult to access.

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