World Diabetes Day 2022: Diabetes Myths and Facts to Know About

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is prevalent across the world with over half a billion people affected by this condition. Diabetes is a serious condition that affects the blood sugar levels of the body. If left unchecked, diabetes can lead to major complications such as blindness, heart disease, stroke, and even nerve problems which may require amputation in some cases.

Diabetes cases have been on the rise since 1980 and in modern times this condition is affecting people in the younger age groups as well. There is a growing need to make people aware of the topic of diabetes and everything they need to know regarding this condition. To curb the growing influence of diabetes, 14 November is designated as World Diabetes Day every year.

In 2007, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to officially recognize 14 November as World Diabetes Day. This effort was taken due to the need to provide access to proper treatment and education regarding diabetes across the world. Every year, the International Diabetes Federation takes the charge of World Diabetes Day by focusing on a particular theme related to diabetes.

World Diabetes Day 2022 will be followed with a theme of access to diabetes care. People diagnosed with diabetes have to make certain lifestyle and nutrition changes such as consuming diabetic atta, exercising more, cutting down on sugar, etc. Over the years, a lot of myths have been created around diabetes which needs to be addressed to separate them from the facts.

Consuming Sugar Every Day Can Cause Diabetes

Sugar in itself may not cause diabetes in a person. However, when a person consumes an excess of processed food with sugar, the nutritional content of the food will be low with a greater number of calories. The excess calories from foods such as cakes, biscuits, sweetened beverages, etc., can lead to obesity if consumed regularly for a long time. Obesity increases the chances of getting diabetes.

People with Diabetes Have to Follow a Special Diet

People diagnosed with diabetes have to make certain changes in their nutrition to regulate their blood sugar levels. They can eat the same type of staple food items that an average person eats. People with diabetes have to work with a nutritionist to remove food items that are high in sugar, fat, and sodium. They may need to consume more wholesome staples such as ragi atta with more nutritional value.

People with Diabetes Should Avoid Fruits

Fruits contain a good number of natural sugars which may lead people to think that fruits are not suitable for people with diabetes. However, fruits can be consumed in moderation by people with diabetes after consulting a dietician. Along with natural sugars, fruits contain other nutritional content such as fiber. Sugar from processed food with an excess of hollow calories should be cut majorly from one’s diet.

People with Diabetes Cannot Eat Sweet Products Anymore

Sweet products have always been considered harmful for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. It is true to an extent that people with diabetes should avoid sweet products since the sugar content can raise the glucose levels in the blood by an alarming level. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to cut out on sweet products completely. You can eat alternative sweet products made without sugar such as atta recipes replacing traditional sweets. You can also plan to eat sweet products during festivals and occasions after planning with your doctor and dietician.

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